Deebot Slim 2 Review


Ecovacs slim 2 review
Ecovacs Slim 2 Review


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Deebot Slim 2 Review


Ecovacs Deebot slim 2 robot vacuum cleaner best for bare floors with dry mopping feature. It's a low priced ecovacs deebot robotic vacuum cleaner available in the market.

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Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Slim 2 Review

Deebot slim 2 robot vacuum cleaner has 110 minutes of run time backup and is lowest in height amongst all the available robotic vacuum cleaners in the market. It's best suited not only for small homes but also for large homes as well. It is equipped with most demanded features in robot vacuum industry such as tangle free suction, dry mopping and App enabling functionality through which you can start it for cleaning job from  anywhere.

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Features of Deebot Slim 2 Robot vacuum cleaner

  • Deebot slim 2 is perfect for picking up pet hairs because of it's tangle free suction with dual side brushes.
  • This robotic vacuum cleaner is 2.2 inch tall and will fit under almost any type and all type of furniture.
  • Deebot slim 2 has 3 stage cleaning system named as Mops, vacuums and sweeps.
  • It is also equipped with auto recharging, obstacle detection technology and stair safety features.
  • You have freedom to control your deebot slim 2 from your mobile. But you can also control it with remote control as well.
  • You can schedule daily or weekly cleanings with this robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • Deebot slim 2 robotic vacuum cleaner is compatible with Ecovacs App which you can install on your smartphone and can control it directly from your phone.
  • You will receive one year manufacturer's warranty and extra accessories kit with the package.
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Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Slim2 Reviews

There are total 41 customer reviews at the time of writing and the average star rating is 4.1 out of 5 which is not bad.

If we look at the customer reviews then many of them seems to be satisfied with this robotic vacuum cleaner. It's battery seems to be very strong even after use and many customers are happy with it.

Read Further detailes and reviews provided by real customers who have used deebot slim 2 robot vacuum cleaner. Check it out here 

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Ecovacs Slim 2 Manual

Ecovacs slim 2 manual

Product manuals are very important to read. Many people don't like reading product manuals as they feels to be boring and they think that there is no need to read product manuals.

Whether you like reading product manuals or not, it's highly recommended to read them at least once. So that you may be familiar with proper functioning of product manuals and also important precautions. By following company's guidelines, you can keep up the product for a longer time. That's the main reason companies put much effort and also spend money to produce product manuals.

In order to read Ecovacs Slim 2 Manual, Please follow the link given below.

Ecovacs Deebot Slim 2 Manual: Check it our here


  • Floor mop attachment is a best feature
  • Excellent Smart Controls
  • Low height enables it to go under every type of furniture
  • Easy to empty 
  • Good at cleaning hard floors 
  • With Smart App you can control it from you smartphone


  • Not good at carpet cleaning
  • Poor at obstacle avoidance
  • Don't clean carpet edges
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Ecovac deebot slim 2 vs Deebot M81Pro vs Deebot M88 vs Deebot R95

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3 Stage Cleaning System
Work Time (Based on tests made in ECOVACS laboratory when fully charged. Run times may vary) 110 Minutes 100 Minutes 90 Minutes 90 Minutes
Floor Type Bare Floor Bare Floor/ Low-Pile Carpet Bare Floor/ Carpet Bare Floor/ Carpet
Tangle Free Suction
Alexa Enabled      
Wet/Dry Mop Dry Mop Only
Wifi Connected/ App Control
Selective Cleaning Mode Auto, Spot, Edge Auto, Spot, Edge Auto, Spot, Edge, Single Room Auto, Spot, Selective Areas
Auto Recharge & Scheduling
Low Profile Design allows access to more areas      
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Ecovacs deebot mini 2 review

Ecovacs deebot mini 2 review
Ecovacs Deebot Mini 2 Review

Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Mini 2 robot vacuum cleaner takes all best known features and fits them into the smallest form factor in the market.

Ecovacs Deebot Mini 2 is able to sneak under furniture and weave around table legs with ease. And yet it still has the functionality you expect from a DEEBOT, from vacuuming and dry mopping, to scheduling cleaning and starting the deebot mini 2 from anywhere with Smartphone app.

The Mini 2 is the perfect choice for cleaning tight corners. With compact design, the mini 2 is able to clean hard to reach areas and give the floor a comprehensive clean.

With a variety of cleaning methods, the Mini 2 can tackle various messes in your home. Using the tangle free suction option and the optional dry mop, the mini 2 is able to lift hairs, dirt and debris from your floor and give your home a thorough cleaning.

Use the right tool for the job with a suite of specific cleaning mode options: Auto mode for general cleaning, Edge mode for cleaning specific edges, or Spot cleaning for when intensive cleaning in one area is required.

Wi-Fi compatibility allows you to conveniently schedule daily, weekly or spot cleanings through the Ecovacs smartphone app. 90 minute runtime with auto charging.

Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty and extra accessories kit.

Check Further Details and Customer Reviews of Ecovacs Deebot Mini 2: Check it out Here 

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