samsung powerbot r9250 vs r9350

samsung powerbot r9250 vs 9350
Samsung Powerbot R9250 vs R9350

If you have decided to get samsung powerbot model like thousands of people around the world, and you have not yet decided or you are confused about the selection of samsung powerbot model, then you have come to right place.

Most importantly, if you are undecided about samsung powerbot r9250 vs r9350 models then i promise you will be hundred percent sure and confident to choose between these two according to your cleaning needs requirements. Just stay with me.

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Samsung Powerbot Robot Vacuums 

Although, samsung entered into robotic vacuum cleaners industry so late as compared to Roomba and other brands but samsung has developed some of the great robovacs and is now in competition with other brands. Powerbot models have prooved to be best one and are good at selling as well. Two popular samsung powerbot models r9350 and r9250 have received excellent reviews from verified customers. 

In this article, we will compare these two robotic vacuum cleaners i.e samsung powerbot r9250 vs r9350 so that you may choose one that will best respond to your home needs and requirements.


This article will compare the very popular Samsung Powerbot R9250 and R9350 Robot vacuum cleaners

 If you are in a hurry and interested to see the result of comparison and latest prices then please follow the link given below:

Samsung Powerbot Analysis Result

Samsung Powerbot R9350 & R9250 latest Prices

Otherwise, stay with me and read on detailed comparison about these powerful Samsung Powerbot robot vacuum cleaners.

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Samsung Powerbot R9250 vs R9350

Please have a look at the visual appearance of these two powerbot robovacs we are going to compare:

Samsung Powerbot R9350 vs R9250
Samsung Powerbot R9350 Samsung Powerbot R9250


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Samsung Powerbot R9250 vs R9350 Models Comparison Chart

Detailed comparison of Samsung powerbot R9350 vs R9250 Robot Vacuums

The following table compares these two samsung powerbot r9350 and r9250 robotic vacuum cleaner models.

In order to compare them clearly, i am going to use some notes represented in the table like this( Note #) against each feature to explain them. Like this, we will be able to clearly understand the similarities and differences between these two models and differences will define them in a better way and also help you to decide will that model be best suited for you or the other one.

So, it's a humble request to read these notes carefully. As they will proved to be the main key points for you to decide which model is best suited for you.

Samsung Powerbot R9250 vs R9350 Comparison Table
Samsung Powerbot Model Powerbot R9350 Powerbot R9250
Suction Power 70x more power suction 50x more power suction
Mapping Technology Visionary Mapping Plus Visionary Mapping Plus
Sensor Full View Sensor Full view Sensor
Wi-Fi Support Yes Yes
Works With Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Vacuuming Technology Cyclone Force Cyclone Force
Point Cleaning Yes Yes
EasyPass Wheels Yes Yes
Washable Filters Yes Yes
Combo Brush Yes Yes
Select and Go Yes No
Dust Sensor Yes Yes
Warranty Set=1 year, motor=10 year 10 years


Explanation of Technical Terms From Above Powerbot Models Comparison Table

Suction Power

Suction Power of a robotic vacuum cleaner is an essential functionality in advanced robovacs. We can conclude from it's name that it's the power with which robot vacuum sucks the dust particles. Higher the power suction most accurate cleaning you can expect from your robot vacuum cleaners.

So regarding suction power, samsung powerbot r9350 win this point as it has worlds most powerful 70 times more suction power claimed by Samsung. But it doesn't meant that r9250 robot vacuum with 50 times power suction is useless or we can't benefit from that robovac. It's about usage scenario and this is the main reason different models with different specification are developed from the companies. So that you may choose the best one which fulfills your cleaning needs.

Mapping Technology

Mapping Technology used in both of the powerbot robovacs has been named as visionary mapping plus technology.

Visionary Mapping Plus System:

Visionary mapping plus system ensures quick and fast cleaning movement, navigates with systematic mapping around the house to ensure that all areas are covered. These visionary mapping systems are equipped with advanced sensors of Navibot Corner clean which results not only to clean fast but also swift reaction to cords and obstacles.

The visionary mapping plus systems can capture 15 image frames per second with the onboard camera. So robovacs equipped with visionary mapping plus system ensures the exact location of paths and this makes their cleaning job very easy.

But in simple words, visionary mapping system maps your house in a very intelligent way and also make sure that every corner of the house has been cleaned.

These powerbot models are eqipped with visionary mapping system with onboard camera to sense the objects and not only to avoid collisions but also to make effective mapping of your house as well.


There are 9 individual smart sensors in these powerbot robotic vacuums cleaners. With onboard camera and 9 small sensors, this robovac create an optimal cleaning path according to your home layout. 9 small sensors are very smart in creating optimal paths of your home.

Beside this, it will also scan furniture and other objects on the floor and you don't have to worry about the collisions. You just have to set it and it will do the rest for you. 

Wi-Fi Support

Wi-fi connectivity and support is one of the demanding feature now a days. With this feature you can control your robot vacuum cleaner with your smartphone. This requires wireless network and samsung  and samsung connect App as well.

You can control them remotely with your smartphone via SmartThings or voice control with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant as well.

Now a days we have much busy life and have no time for cleaning our house. How will it feels to you to step in to a neat and clean house when come back from office after doing a full time job? Yes we all will feel much better but we have to pay for that as well.

So, there are almost every kind of robovac ranging from low priced beginner robovacs to much advanced high priced robovacs. In order to get a much advanced robotic vacuum cleaner you also have to pay more money as well.

Works With Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa support is becoming an essential element for most of the smart home devices day by day. So, keeping in view of amazon alexa support popularity and ease of use of devices, these samsung powerbot models also have amazon alexa support as well.

Beside of amazon alexa, you can also control these robovacs with smartthings and google assistant as well. But remember that you will not get amazon alexa within the package, you have to buy amazon alexa separately.

Vacuuming Technology

In these robovacs, cyclone force vacuuming technology has been used for effective results.

What is Cyclone Force Vacuuming Technology?

"A cyclonic separation is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation. When removing particulate matter from liquids, a hydrocyclone is used; while from gas, a gas cyclone is used. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids. The method can also be used to separate fine droplets of liquid from a gaseous stream."


So what are your thoughts about cyclone force technology now? Yes you have guess right. This cyclone force technology is used to extract dust particles whether it's air, gas or liquid on your floors.

A high suction power is used to suck the dust particles with the help of a fan and those particles are then passed from fan to back suction area into the dustbin. So, you can expect much better results and performance by the use of cyclone force technology.

Point Cleaning

Point Cleaning is another top notch feature mostly people look for. So there arise a simple question: When our robot vacuum can clean all our home then why there is need of point cleaning functionality? Isn't that useless functionality?

No, Not at all my friend. For example, your robot vacuum has cleaned all of your home areas or have done cleaning one room and is marked that room status as done on it's scheule, after that your cat or dog has done something or you have dropped something on the floor in that room which already have been cleaned. Now what will you do? Yes you can reschedule your robovac to clean the room but now we don't need whole room to be cleaned but only that point.

So if your robovac is capable of point cleaning technology then you can bring your robovac there with the help of remote control and instruct your robovac to clean this point only. Isn't it a valuable feature?

samsung powerbot r9250 vs 9350
samsung powerbot r9250 vs 9350 Point Clean Functionality


 EasyPass Wheels

When it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, there must be less human interaction and much duties should be performed by the robot vacuum cleaners themselves. Although, there is much improvement in this technology day by day but there is much to be improved as well.

One of the most problematic situation with these robot vacuum cleaners can be to trap in different areas of your home. Although, because of their vissionary mapping system, they map out your home layout efficiently but what about those areas where robot vacuum fails to reach?

I mean what if robot vacuum is not capable of transitioning from carpet to floor and also to pass the doors if there are some rough areas?

In these cases, it's the responsibility of the manufacturer company to design their robovacs in such a way that they should not trap in areas like that.

Samsung has done a great job by working on it and introuced easypass wheels with these powerbot r9250 vs r9350 models. Yes both of these models have easypass wheels to have easy transitions from carpet to floor and from floor to carpets without having any issues at all.  

samsung powerbot 9250 vs r9350 easypass wheels
powerbot r9250 vs r9350 easypass wheels

Washable Filters

Enjoy easy and cost effective maintenance with the Washable filters. You are free to wash the filters of your robovac when you feel they need a wash not only to enhance their cleaning performance but also to keep your robovac lightweight.

These filters are engineered in such a way that these can be washed, dried and used again which results in effective and low cost maintenance of your robot vacuum cleaner. This also results in extended life of a filter.

Remember that not all filters are washable, so if you have any other robovac model at your home then first confirm that the filters with that robovac model are washable or not.

Combo Brush

Combo brushes are the most advanced form of brushes. Before these brushes there were and are blade brushes which handle the pet hairs very nicely. Even blade brushes were also named as pet brushes by some people.

Combo brushes have been basically designed to handle pet hairs with less tangles. Their strong rotation loosens the trapped dirt particles from the floor while suction from the entire brush provides pick-up from end to end.

Select & Go

With Select & Go feature you can just click on Select & Go button located at top right screen of your Smartphone on samsung smart home app and your robovac will the whole job by itself.

NOTE: This feature will only work if your phone is fully charged otherwise it will not work.

You can also edit your already created floor plans before pressing select & go button. As you hit the button, your robovac will automatically start its job and will return back to it's charging dock after completing the job.

Dust Sensor

Dust sensor's duty is to detect the dust and suck it. If the robot vacuum is cleaning the floor by cycling around and detected the dust on it's way then it will move around the dust in a pattern until no further dust is detected. But it will only happen if you turned on the dust sensor.

If you want to normalize the powerbot's cycle just turned off the dust sensor with powerbot remote.


Warranties of the products are bit technical to understand as they have some differences when there is need to claim for that product. So regarding these samsung powerbot r9350 vs r9250 robot vacuum cleaners, motor warranty is of 10 years which is a solid mental satisfaction for the buyers.

NOTE: Please buy any of the online shopping products from the retailers residing in your country otherwise you will be going to waste your money if got faulty product or if needed to claim for the warranty. 

As in most of the cases, when you think to claim for the product, if retailer is not located in your country then claim process will become much more complex for you to pay shipping fee and also to track your item as well.

But some big brands have repairing and claiming offices in most of the countries so if there is an office in your country for the product you are going to buy then it's ok you don't have to worry about it.

Samsung Powerbot Boundary Markers  

Boundary markers are used as a virtual walls to stop robotic vacuum cleaner to not enter into the specific area marked with boundary markers known as magnetic strips.

iRobot Roomba models have virtual walls devices which emits radiations to indicate robot vacuum cleaner that it's a boundary marker.

You will receive boundary markers in the form of magnetic strips in the package. Let suppose if there is some area in your house where you want to restrict the robot vacuum to not to go there then you can simply block that area with magnetic strips and your powerbot robovac will turn back when it will hit to that boundary marker or magnetic strip.

In order to read a detailed information about boundary markers and how to use them, follow the link given below

What are boundary markers and how to use them 

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Which Samsung Powerbot Should You Get?

If we have a look at the comparison table then it's clear that there is only two differences which are suction power and Select & Go App of these robot vacuum cleaners. Samsung Powerbot r9350 robot vacuum cleaner has 40 (w) suction power while powerbot r9250 has 30 (w) suction power.

Beside of suction power, Samsung Powerbot r9350 robot vacuum cleaner has select & go app while Samsung powerbot R9250 don't support Select & Go Samsung App.

Beside this, samsung powerbot r9350 is top of the line robot vacuum cleaner among the samsung powerbot models. It has worlds powerful suction power and samsung claims that it has 70 times much powerful suction power.

While samsung powerbot r9250 has 40 times much suction power mentioned by samsung. If we look at the average customer reviews and rating then powerbot r9250 has some slid feedback as compared to r9350 but there is only 0.1 difference between ratings of these two models.

Although, Samsung powerbot r9350 is high priced robot vacuum cleaner, at the time of writing it's on deal right now and is lower priced than that of samsung powerbot r9250 robot vacuum cleaner.

I think this is the main reason people are confused about selection between these two models because all the features seems to be similar and there we have found only one difference which is the powerful suction of powerbot r9350 robot vacuum cleaner.

I think there is not much difference between these two robot vacuum cleaners. In simple words we can state that:

If you are looking for World's best powerful suction robot vacuum cleaner and higher power suction is your first priority then Samsung powerbot R9350 robot vacuum cleaner is best suited robovac for you to consider. But if powerful suction power is not your higher priority then Samsung Powerbot R9250 will fulfill your requirements at lower price as compared to Powerbot R9350.

NOTE: If both powerbot models are equal priced at the time of buying robovacs then i will suggest you to select r9350 as it's top of the line powerbot robot vacuum cleaner. But if you see the much price difference then decide according to your requirements whether you need higher power suction or lower. If you need world's powerful higher power suction the select Powerbot R9350 robot vacuum cleaner otherwise select powerbot r9250 robot vacuum cleaner. 

Although, Powerbot R9350 is higher priced robovac but still it has more sales and appreciation as compared to Powerbot R9250. But there are much positive feedbacks about powerbot R9250 as well. So, both of the items are going line by line getting sales and positive customer reviews as well.

So despite of less price, we can't say that powerbot r9250 is not a competitor of powerbot r9350 robot vacuum cleaner. It's a good competitor of r9350 and even it has higher positive feedback but less sales at the time of writing.

Nevertheless, Note that both of these Samsung Powerbot models are high quality products by having a look at some of the verified purchase satisfied customers feedbacks. There are some negative feedbacks also and this is the main reason i have suggested above to buy from the retailer who are located in your country or at least have their customer support office in your country. Therefore, there is a good chance you will be very happy with either of the Samsung Powerbot model.  

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Manuals of Samsung Powerbot R9250 & R9350

Samsung Powerbot R9250 Manual

Beleive me or not, manuals are very important to read at least once to have a brief overview about the product. If they would be useless then companies don't have to spend hours to build product manuals.

In order to read samsung powerbot r9250 manual online, please follow the link given below: 

Samsung Powerbot R9250 User Manual

Samsung Powerbot R9350 Manual

In order to read Samsung Powerbot R9350 Robot Vacuum Manual online, Please follow the link given below:

Samsung Powerbot R9350 Manual

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Samsung Powerbot R9250 vs R9350 on Amazon

In most of the cases i suggest my readers to buy from amazon because of their authenticity and easy return process. After all, you spend your hard earned money and if got faulty item then easy return is the best solution to not only return back that item but also have full buyer satisfaction as well.

In order to check the latest price of Samsung powerbot models we have compare above, please click on the links and images given below. Although prices are mentioned with the images but if you don't see price then please click that image to check latest price on amazon.

Samsung Powerbot Models Price Comparison
Samsung Powerbot R9350 Samsung Powerbot R9250


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Some of the best low and medium priced Samsung Powerbot Robot vacuum cleaners with latest price

Samsung Powerbot Models With Latest Price

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Powerbot R9250 VS R9350 VS Powerbot 9040 VS R9000 VS R7070

  POWERbot Turbo R9250 Turbo R9350 POWERbot 9040 R9000 R7070
WiFi-Conneted Y Y Y N N
Entire Level Cleaning
Auto-Charge and Resume
Control Panel
Running Time 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes minutes
Suction Power 50X 70X 10X 10X 10X
Point Cleaning Y Y      
Alexa Compatible Y Y Y Y Y
Battery Type High Capacity 
Lithium-ion High Capacity 
Lithium-ion High Capacity 
Lithium-ion Lithium-Ion Ni-MH
Visionary Mapping Plus
Easy Pass Wheels
CycloneForce Technology
FullView Sensor
Motor Warranty 10 Years 10 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

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